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(ok we don't love it. or even like it. but we're supposed to.)

27 June 2010

Car Conversations

Liam: Mom, who do you want to be president next?
Kristin: I don't know.......maybe Hillary Clinton.
Liam: You don't want Dad to be president?
Kristin: No - I want Dad home with us. Don't you want me to be president?
Liam: No. You have koo koo mind.

Liam: Good thing I have this toothpick.
Kristin: WHAT???!!! Where did you get that?
Liam: From my pocket.
Kristin: What are you doing?
Liam: Getting the trash out of my teeth.

Kristin: Oh Liam! Gross! (quickly rolling down all the windows)
Liam: Sorry, Mom. It's what I do.

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