......finding a new home for lutefisk lovers.

(ok we don't love it. or even like it. but we're supposed to.)

26 June 2010

Day 2, 395 miles, Paradise, MI

Departed Duluth at 11:30am. Arrived at the Best Western in Paradise, Michigan (which was neither the best nor in paradise) at 9:15pm. Driving along the upper peninsula of Michigan is like driving through ghost towns to get nowhere. I offered Liam a dollar if he could refrain from saying "are we there yet?" for the entire day. He lasted less than 30 minutes.......we were more than 350 miles from our destination.
By the time we got to Pizza Hut for dinner (sign at hostess stand read "Whoa! We'll seat ya!"), our very friendly yuper waitress assessed the situation and got Liam set up at his own table. It seemed to be in everyone's best interest.
When we finally pulled up to our hotel, Liam said "is this where we stayed last night?" Like maybe we WOULD just drive around in circles with nothing to look at and nothing to do and nowhere to stop for 10 hours straight. Cause it's fun.


Colleen said...

LOVE the separate tables! Thanks for sharing your journey - I feel like I'm right there with you. And my own kids are whiny, so I get my own audio version right here at home!

Carolyn F. said...

Separate tables! Brilliant! Separate checks, too, I hope! Did you know there's really a town named Hell in Michigan? Perhaps you're there right now . . . .