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28 June 2010

Fun With Car Snacks

DISGUSTING! WHO WOULD BUY THAT??? I WOULD NEVER........unless I'm on a roadtrip and then it's yummy! One of our traditions is allowing Liam to help with the grocery shopping when we pack for a roadtrip. And when I say "help" I mean that I get to forego parenting and say yes to things that normally turn my stomach. It's incredibly freeing. We've come home with some things that even Liam spits out - but you've got to give it the old college try! It's like a great experiment in American Food Culture.
But, actually, I have to take responsibility for the Easy Cheese (which we call squeezy cheese because, really, it makes much more sense). I don't know if it happened one time or one hundred times, but somewhere in my history my mom bought squeezy cheese for one of our many roadtrips in our 1979 Chevy Caprice wagon. And from that I learned "we can get this stuff whenever we drive a distance far enough to require food." It was such a coup! A coup so big that even now, as a responsible adult, I can't let the opportunity pass me by.

Liam calls this "Mount Cheddar."

Just call me Quckdraw McCheesy!

"If you kids get squeezy cheese on the DVD player one more time, I will turn this car around. Do you hear me?"

A special treat or child abuse?

1 comment:

Kristin said...

We LOVE squeezy cheese on all our trips. That's the great thing about road trips- they come with their own rules.

Thanks for writing K- makes it easier to keep you close.