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03 July 2010

Happy Homeless Anniversary

Yesterday, Mike and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Given our current homeless status and the fact that we've been traveling - or preparing to travel - for several weeks, any gift requiring forethought or TIME was not really in the cards. BUT.......I totally scored. I came across a mix tape (an actual TAPE) that Mike made for me in 1991. A period I like to call "the dark days;" when Mike decided he couldn't be the world's best Nordic skier and have a girlfriend at the same time. So he set me free. Despite my kicking and screaming.
Six months went by. I started dating someone else. And one day, Mike came to my door and handed me this tape. He asked me to listen to it and then call him. Then he turned on his heel and left, leaving me to decipher the mystery tape in private. From the first song, his intentions were clear: True Devotion by the Bodeans, Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, Weather With You by Crowded House, I Won't Run Anymore by Pete Townshend, Stupid Boy by the Gear Daddies, All IWant is You by U2, Save Me by the Rembrandts. I named the tape "Mike Makes a Comeback." ...........and three years later we were married.
Is that a scene from a John Hughes movie or what? In the movie, I listen to the tape as I watch him run to his car through my rain-spattered window.

So I recreated this oh-so-1991 tape for him on a cd and secretly placed it on his bike seat for him to find in the morning (where else would you look?).

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