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04 July 2010

Happy Tooth of July

Recently, Liam has been losing teeth at important events. The last TWO teeth fell out at two different school concerts. I wish I had video of him spotting me in the audience and pointing first to his mouth and then to his pocket. TWICE this happens! And today, on the 4th of July, Liam pulled out his 6th tooth. I say "pulled" because all the blood in his smile leads me to believe it was a little premature.
We spent the holiday with Mike's boss at his country club........which sounds like an episode of "Bewitched" to me. But it was great for Liam who needed someone else to talk to besides his parents. You'll notice he's holdng a giant bottle of orange soda, compliments of Mike's boss (who I'll call "Mr. Tate" - which is probably only funny to those of you who watched TV after school in the 70's). So we have swimming at a fancy country club pool, other people to talk to including lots of pretty girls, conning "Mr. Tate" into buying him orange soda and losing a tooth. That's a good day for Liam. PLUS, he's thinking the tooth fairy might bring a little extra since we're staying in a hotel (whaaa?? Whatever, Liam.).

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