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(ok we don't love it. or even like it. but we're supposed to.)

01 July 2010

Home Sweet Temporary Home

Our home until July 15th is the Residence Inn. We have a suite that includes a bedroom (with one king sized bed), bathroom, sitting room and what they call a kitchen but is really a wet bar. It's brand new and very beautiful and comfortable........for one person. One grown up person who has good control of his limbs, knows the difference between an inside voice and an outside voice, and has good toy clean-up skills so you don't step on small airplanes in the night as you stumble to the bathroom. Do you know what a 7 year old boy does when he sees a really loooong hotel hallway? He runs and yells like Tarzan. I theorize that this is an innate response. I would love to test my theory by bringing 100 7 year old boys to my Residence Inn hallway and count how many of them DO NOT run and yell like Tarzan. I'm guessing it would be 3........4 max.
Given the size of our room, we probably won't be hanging out here much during the day unless it involves watching TV or napping. I said to Liam today "we need to plan some fun excursions when Daddy goes back to work. What fun things could we do?" To which Liam replied "we could go back to the hotel and drink lots of water and play video games!" He was really excited. I don't know where the water thing came from - maybe he thought he'd make some points with me.
So this will be a challenge. This room is just too small for such a large personality. But we also have a pool, fitness room, laundry, free breakfast and an evening cocktail reception (I can make cheese and crackers into dinner.......you just watch me.). Pictured to the left are Brian and Kaitlin. So far, I have asked them to bring us towels, turn up the heat in the pool, retrieve my car, reprogram my key and even run to the bank to get change for me. I'm wondering if they'll watch Liam while I nap. Perhaps this won't be so bad. Tune in next week for more adventures of "The Nilnoo's at the Plaza"........uh, I mean.....The Residence Inn!

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