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28 July 2010

Skateboard Camp

Liam has been the proverbial overscheduled child since relocating. I'm trying to immerse him in the local kid culture, hoping he'll make some friends and feel a certain level of confidence before startng his new school in the fall. I'm also trying to deprive him of any opportunity to be bored or beg for TV in the middle of the day - that's a parenting challenge I will slate for next summer. Yes, he should play in the woods and do puzzles and read books and ride his bike; but, remember, he sees no value in independent play and if you can't run next door and grab a buddy, then I become the targeted playmate. And as much as I love doing things with Liam, I have a grown-up life to live as well. One that involves oversize boxes full of EVERY. SINGLE. OBJECT. owned by 3 people.

Blah blah blah (or Bob Loblaw for those of you who are fans of Arrested Development). So last week Liam was double booked with the town's summer recreation program and skateboard camp. He loves being a dude. He loves talking about his sweet deck and his boarding skills and how I'm goofy-footed (all these years - I had no idea!). Every day, I ask him what he learned at camp and every day he answers by giving me a list of songs they played over the sound system in the skate park. "You know what they played today? GUESS! No - I'll tell you! Any Way You Want It, Don't Stop Believin', and that one that goes nee noo nee noo nee noo noo noo (it was Separate Ways). AND Rock and Roll is Not Noise Pollution! (which I recently found out is NOT Rock and Roll is Not For Losers - that's about 30 years of singing the wrong words).

So 5 days and $200 later, Liam can stand on a skate board without falling off. Which IS an improvement. But it appears that skateboarders don't so much "teach".........it's more like.......let's see.........."showing off." Skateboard camp involved a lot of watching the counselors practice their tricks and very little instruction. Like NO instruction.

And Liam loved it. Wants to go back next week. And he's a quitter not a re-enroller! So this gets my attention. Mike and I are thinking we should make him watch us unload the dishwasher. Crank the music. Show off our skills. "Sweet move, dude! How'd you get that spatula in there? I gotta try that."


marf said...

maybe it was the megaphone. that alone sold me. i can see you using it to shout instructions for cleaning up his room.

Chuck Baggett said...

I also thought the words were "Rock and Roll is not for losers", but I wasn't sure, so I typed in the incorrect lyrics and your blog was one of only two results. Great minds hear alike, I suppose.

Kristin said...

I knew I wasn't crazy! Because you can't be a loser and like rock and roll! You have to be cool! it just makes sense!