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13 July 2010

Such a Big Sense of Humor for Such a Small Child

Today is day #1 without our fully automated family truckster minivan. I'm happy to be back in my old Audi wagon. I think there should be a club for people who drive aging European cars; our bumper sticker could read "I value performance and style.......but I'm not willing to pay for it."

After reuniting with our fully-unautomated Biscuit Hauler, I got out and slammed the door shut. Liam got out and started poking his finger repeatedly at an imaginary button on the door frame. "What are you doing????" I asked. He looked at me, seemingly confused, and WITH A TOTALLY STRAIGHT FACE he said, "The door won't shut."

1 comment:

Laura said...

Kid's done you proud. Takes after his Mom.