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05 August 2010

Crutches, Day 1

Dangerous. So dangerous. I had no idea that the things you use when you have a broken appendage could actually result in another broken appendage. If my weight isn't balanced correctly, and I'm leaning too far in any direction, I have two choices: I can catch myself with my other foot - the broken one - and suffer immense pain and damage OR I can fall all the way to the ground. Which could result in another broken appendage. I pause before going up or down steps and review the procedure..........getting the instructions mixed up could result in, you guessed it, another broken appendage.

There's lots of hopping - in tight spaces or when my crutches are out of reach. So wearing a bra at all times is important. Even under my jammies. When ambulating, my hands are firmly placed on the handles of the crutches.......which means I can't carry anything.......duh. But I didn't figure this out until I got hungry. Unless I want to stand one-legged in the fridge and lick mayonaise out of the jar, I have to depend on others to bring food to me. The first morning, Liam brought me Ritz crackers and American cheese for breakfast. Which I appreciated. Because I wasn't wearing a bra.

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