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07 August 2010

Crutches, Day 2

Now I'm crawling. Crawling is good. It's humiliating but it's a lot safer. I feel like a house cat.

But crutches are still necessary. Did I mention that my crutches have a sticker on them that says "YOUTH?" I tried to scrape it off but felt like I was destroying property.

I finally got smart and started using a backpack when I hop around on my crutches. Needing anything bigger than a Tic Tac turned into this giant puzzle; I would stare at the object and strategize. Maybe I could push it onto the ground and kick it across the floor with my crutch. Or I could crawl over there and put it in the waistband of my jammies - I could be back on the couch by Tuesday. And Liam still hasn't figured out the correlation between pointing and location. If he's standing next to me and I say "It's over there" and point in front of us, he turns around and looks behind him. Then the ceiling. Scans the room. The whole time I'm screaming "Look at my finger! Look at my finger!" We've been working on this for years.

This is why I started using the backpack. Now I'm an independent woman. As long as I don't mind gogurt and juiceboxes for dinner.

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