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10 August 2010

Why So Many Ruminations About Crutches?

Because I'm all alone in this big house (Mike is still gone) trying to navigate one of the biggest challenges of my physical life. And the difficulty took me by surprise. Everybody has crutches at some point, right? My empathy for those with chronic physical challenges goes WAAAAAAAAY deeper than it did last week. And I am a very compassionate person!

But by day 3, I've created a system of leverage that allows me to get around on one crutch. This is important because it means I can carry something in one hand........like food. This method is much much slower (crutch(pause)......................good foot(pause)..............................crutch(pause)..........................good foot(pause) ). I sound like a horror movie coming around the corner. But now I can eat!! Yay!!!

Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror; my laborious one-crutch gait makes me look like a maimed soldier coming home from the civil war. Somebody please send me a little gray hat to wear around the house! Just so I can crack myself up!

But there's one thing I must get a handle on: the crutch turns into a weapon with which to beat people. People get in my way, I pick up my crutch and give them a shove. I'm on crutches! You do not want to get in my way! Pay attention! It's hard NOT to give Liam a swift poke when he's not listening. As in "HEY! (poke) What did I just say?!"

But good news. Mary Poppins, I mean my mom, is coming. She will keep everyone out of my way. And she might even borrow my crutch to do it.

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