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13 September 2010

Making a Good Impression on the Neighbors

I'm the new girl. I'm well aware of that fact. And I'm well aware of the fact that breaking free of my new girl label will take some work on my part. And I don't just want my new neighbors to accept me; I want them to be like "oh she's so friendly - let's invite her over for margaritas!" So I'm going out of my way to knock on doors and be chatty and practice good neighbor skills. One thing I try to do is speak up about the nice things that pop into my mind. Give a voice to my complimentary thoughts. If someone looks nice, does something nice, or their kid doesn't annoy me.......I make sure I say it out loud. In the words of an elderly black gentleman who admired my shape at Trader Joe's, "I JUST THINK IF YOU SEE SOMETHIN' YOU LIKE, YOU SHOULD SAY SOMETHIN'!" Thank you, sir.

So my neighbor comes out of her house one day wearing a cute little dress in bright yellow. It's a strappy little number with a small pattern on it and I like it. So I say so.

"I love your dress. Where did you get it?"

And she gives me a look like "Come ON."

"What?" I say.

And she holds the fabric up closer to my face and I can see that the cute pattern is made up of SpongeBobs.

And the cute little dress is her nightie.

So now I'm either a) surprising her when she thought she was alone on her own property b) mocking her for being a lazy ass c) obviously sucking up to the cool kids or d) stupid.

Way to go, Kristin.

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