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03 September 2010

What Do You Do When A Hurricane Is Coming?

Naturally, you go to the beach to see how big the waves are. The same way you stop to look out the window - THE most dangerous spot! - on your way to the basement during a tornado. I would be that person they interview in the hospital with my head wrapped in bandages......."Well, I was on my way to the basement when I stopped to look out the window. The sky was green and I saw a funnel cloud coming right at me. And, out of nowhere, the window shattered and I was sucked out of my house and thrown around the neighborhood until I got snagged in my neighbor's tree. I don't know how it happened."

I'm well-acquainted with tornado procedure but this is my first hurricane. Luckily, my friend from Florida called and implored me to prepare. Most importantly, I must make "hurricane treats." Hurricane treats are like "tornado bars," something you bring to the basement to snack on while you play with the flashlight and listen to the transistor radio. I'm not the world's most motivated baker........I would classify my domestic skills as "half-assed"...........so I'm hoping we have a box of something that I can add an egg to and put in the microwave. Bingo - I find a box of Eagle Brand Magic Cookie Bars that came on the moving truck from Minnesota. Only 11 days past its expiration date. I don't have any butter but I have shortening. That's the same, right?

If these turn out, I may take some down to the beach to share with the surfers who are arriving by the VW bus-load and chanting "HURR-I-CANE! HURR-I-CANE! HURR-I-CANE!"

1 comment:

Joel B said...

Duh, just have Mike make some hurricane-appropriate fare.

And by the way, did you actually go to the basement when the tornado siren hit the LH? You know a tornado ripped through our 'hood in '80 up on 46th St?