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13 October 2010

A Gift for Me While We Precariously Hold on to Beach Weather............

Don't try to over-intellectualize this. Don't try to make out all the words and glean some meaning from them.

It very distinctly says "fart" in the sand.

And I just wanted to share that with you all.

(p.s. For those of you who simply must know, the other word is "cupcake.")

(p.p.s. The fact that I find this funny could explain why Liam has a fart box. A box that he farts into. Mike mistakenly tried to put the fart box - which is a plain cardboard box devoid of any distinguishing features - out with the trash. Which was met with "NO! That's my fart box!" That's how we found out he had a fart box.)

(p.p.p.s. We recently attended Curriculum Night at Liam's school where they showed a DVD of the kids at work in their classrooms. Liam's class was doing an exercise a la Electronic Company - you know the one: "N......Est. Nest! B......Ox. Box!" On this DVD, that was shown to ALL the 2nd grade parents, Liam says, "I have one for "art!" A quick look at Mike out of the corner of my eye said "Don't react. They don't know us so they won't know he's ours. sssshhhhhh." Maybe we should stop laughing at fart jokes. Or taking pictures of the word "fart" in the sand and posting them on our blog. But I still think it's funny.....hee hee!)

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