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01 October 2010

Just a Note About the Wallpaper

In the last post, you saw a picture of Liam in our downstairs bathroom. If you recoiled and felt a stabbing pain in your eyes, I am really really sorry. I should have posted a warning. Something like "ATTENTION: The following image contains outdated decorating techniques that may not be appropriate for all viewers. Women who are pregnant or nursing should consult their physician."

Don't panic........the wallpaper is going. My tolerance for twee pattern is zero zero zero. I'm offended every time I walk by that room. I close my eyes when I pee.

I can't even go to a B&B for fear they'll have "period wallpaper" and "quaint furnishings" (which makes vacationing in New England a little tough - but I'm researching it).

So...... a wallpaper exterminator has been called and the problem should be eradicated sometime this month. I'll post the "after" pictures as a salve.

Again, I'm really really sorry about this.

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Laura L. said...

Oh, good. Now I can stop wondering whether to say something.