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11 October 2010

The Universe Provides in a Timely Fashion

I was all set to sit down and fill you in on my grocery store drama. How I walked the aisles of the local (and most highly recommended) grocery store and tried not to cry because they didn't have Irish Dubliner cheese; biting the inside of my cheek and hissing "I WANT MY GODDAMN IRISH DUBLINER!" at the sea of orange cheese. How I drive to Maine to buy the eggs I like. How I keep a cooler in my car because I found out by accident that quality food is not convenient and might thaw on the way home. How grocery shopping takes an even greater devotion of time and energy because no single place carries all the things I like........and none of them are convenient. How I asked neighbors about the grocery store culture and they referred me to the Rite Aid.

And then I open a copy of Coastal Home magazine. And there before me is a full page ad for my favorite of the far-flung grocery outposts with a headline announcing that a new store will be opening in January..........


Which makes it THE CLOSEST grocery store to my house!!!!!! The favorite AND the closest!

I needed this. I really, really needed this. Because the grocery shopping was becoming a metaphor for the transition we've been asked to make. And perhaps I was given this gift at this juncture so that I wouldn't shuffle into my soon-to-be-former closest superstore (with slippers and a ciggy of course) and wave Mike's sweet new air rifle in their faces shouting "I WANT MY GODDAMN IRISH DUBLINER! JUST GET ME THE DUBLINER AND NO ONE GETS HURT!"

And now I think I hear the Mary Tyler Moore theme singing in my head.............
..............."you're gonna make it after all."

1 comment:

Molly said...

we never want you to be without your Dubliner Cheese!
If you send me your address, I can send you some to get you through until the new store opens.
Many thanks for the support,
Molly O'Loughlin