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04 January 2011

POST Post Christmas Analysis

If you haven't done your post-Christmas analysis yet, consider this tactic: open a document on your computer and name it "Christmas 2010." Then just leave it open. I started mine 4 days ago with just a half page of notes; but as I think of things, I run to my computer and add a quick line. Now I'm up to 2 full pages of suggestions for Christmas 2011. Among them:

  • Hot chocolate on the beach was not just the highlight of my Christmas........ it was quite possibly the highlight of my whole year. Each picture says "Could I be any happier?"

  • Mike's back going out on Christmas Eve. In preparation for next year, institute some serious (insert eastern-oriented movement therapy here) in November 2011.

  • Lobster was an A+, gravlax was an A+, pomegranate martini was an A, fondue was an A. But I was taken aback by my inability to find meatballs, Swedish sausage and lefse in New Hampshire. And, as Junie B. Jones would say, that was PU. For 2011, schedule a roadtrip to Carl's Sausage Kitchen and European Market in Massachusetts (I even included the phone number!). Or...plan ahead and order lefse from Lund's.

  • All of our decorations from 4041 were too colorful and whimsical for this formal house. They looked garish. How strange it is to open a box of all the beautiful things you've collected over the years and find them ugly. Next year, look for decorations in neutral colors with richer textures to compensate. Limit decorations to tree, doors and mantle for easy clean-up. That was slick!
  • Add some outdoor lighting. We have NEVER done this. It simply wasn't necessary because our house was a jewel in and of itself. But this house looked wan and sallow with no illumination. Brainstorm ways to do this in a simplified manner so we're not outside on Easter taking plastic Santa off the roof.

  • Found out about the showing of A Christmas Story at the revival house theater - when it was already over. Rats! Get on their mailing list for next year.
  • Skip the candlelight stroll at the local colonial history museum. Boring and SO not worth $50.00! It was a snore-0-rama with old ladies exclaiming over the reproduction biscuits on the fake Christmas dinner table and surly teenagers featured in living tableaus who were clearly forced to be there by their history-loving mothers: “I’m Lydia Pernicious Stott and this is my cousin Rufus Blankenship of the Providence Blankenships. We’re playing parlor games while we wait for St. Nicholas.” I was alternately giddy with the ridiculousness and irritated by the old ladies in our single file line who lingered to more closely observe the candle snuffers. It took everything I had not to push them down.
I would have preferred more candlelight and fewer reproduction biscuits. Although it was refreshing to see that Portsmouth does have a gay community.

So....what I'm trying to say is: your Christmas was a lot more complex than you thought it was. Let your analysis percolate over a few days' time so you can capture the details that made it suck/sing.

Then leave it behind and enjoy your 2011! Happy New Year!

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