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20 January 2011

Thank You......Daily Walkers

As the weather got colder and my to-do list grew, I felt myself less drawn to the ocean. I got caught up in all the things I wasn't finishing and it became an intrusion into my quest to cross everything off my list.

And I can't help but notice a direct correlation between my daily walks along the shore path and my satisfaction with this place.

So I make an effort. I put on more clothes. And I walk the boards walked by hundreds of avid runners and agile senior citizens every day. I traipse over the board pictured above, repaired by a good samaritan and inscribed with the gratitude of the daily walkers. I smile as I move across the board because I feel I've just been ushered into a club; could I be one of the daily walkers? We've never met but we all meet here at different times to be with the ocean.

The reward at the end............I find a good spot to sit. Maybe a rock perched over the beach or a Kristin-shaped indentation in the mass of pebbles. And I listen to the sound of water rushing over millions of tiny rocks. And I watch the waves swell, break and recede........in a reliable rhythm that makes you see that everything will be ok.

And it occurs to me, could it be that I actually prefer the beach in winter?? There is a crystalline quality; mist hovering and ice covering tide pools. Positively ethereal. Like it's been here for eons but I'm the only one who has seen it. It reminds of a comment I received this summer, shortly after we moved. I told this person how the beach had been my saving grace - after leaving my real home and struggling to make this new home feel like an actual home. How I sat there every day and watched the waves roll in. How it gave me a reason to like this place.

And she replied, "Let's see how that goes this winter."

........which I thought was not a very nice thing to say.

But now I know.......it's going just fine, thank you. Winter throws more obstacles in my way - but once I climb the snowdrift, I see the beach. Just as it was this summer.

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