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11 March 2011

Again with the front door?

Here's something else I learned:

If you leave your garage door open, people will take that as a secret message to come inside your garage and knock on the interior door. Seriously! I've even had pizza delivered to my garage door! The first time this happened, I went back and forth between the front door and the side door 3 times before I finally stood there silently so I could follow the sonic cues. I was like "WHERE IS MY DAMN PIZZA?!" When I finally found the guy in my garage, I didn't even know what to say. You're not my dog, dude. I also think of my garage as kind of a personal space; I've got stuff in there. It's like delivering pizza through my bathroom.

My neighbor in Minneapolis, who grew up in Massachusetts, told me about her one attempt to get people to use the front door. She was hosting a milestone birthday party for her mother and felt it was a special enough event to welcome people at the formal entrance to the house. The special occasion entrance, if you will. So she decorated the front door with happy birthday signs and flanked it with balloon bouquets. And then, knowing the propensity of New Englanders to gravitate toward less party-ish entrances, she put signs on the other doors - even the garage door! - saying "PLEASE USE FRONT ENTRANCE!"

And while she waited by her pretty front door flanked with balloon bouquets and happy birthday signs, she heard the familiar tap, tap, tapping........and found crowds of people huddled in her mother's garage knocking on the door labeled "PLEASE USE FRONT ENTRANCE!"

So this might be an uphill battle. But I WILL continue to find ways to encourage people, little by little, to come to my lovely and much more hospitable front door..........and this birdie doorpecker is the first step.
Then maybe I'll get a snowblower so Pa won't have to drive the team so hard.
And then I'll knock down the garage.

But I think it'll be worth it.


Laura said...

Perhaps the problem is making the front entrance too nice? Your kinda folk want to enter into a "mud room," where they are not afraid to soil a white carpet or leave a fingerprint on the polished brass door handle. How about you throw some mud-caked work boots by the front door, as if to say, "this is where we stop to scrape the manure off our shoes before we warm up by the woodstove." Add a rusty screen door and you just might get your knocker a-knockin.

Bottom line: nice knockers deserve respectful attention and appreciation.

Kristin said...

I could talk about nice knockers and tiny balls all day!