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21 March 2011

Boston Birthday Outing Chaptette 2: Ben Franklin and a Donkey

I've been told that Boston is the birthplace of general civilization as we know it (this is only kind of a joke). Ask my dad, a Massachusetts native, and he will tell you that Christopher Columbus landed at Plymouth Rock.........where he wrote the Declaration of Independence and then freed the slaves.

As a result of all this history, Boston has a lot of commemorating to do, mostly in the form of statues. There are statues everywhere. Like every 3rd crack in the sidewalk. All men, of course. History LUVS its men. I saw George Washington, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin and a bunch of guys I don't know.

And this donkey.

What's with the donkey? There's Ben Franklin and then there's this donkey. There's no plaque, no explanation. Just a donkey cast in bronze standing by Ben Franklin. Maybe it was Ben Franklin's donkey?

Or maybe it's the donkey from the SNL sketch featuring a very Boston-centric Marky Mark (no funky bunch) and a donkey.

I go up to the donkey....... and I say, real quietly, just like Marky Mark, "Hey, donkey. How's it goin'? Say hello to your mothuh for me."

Watch it here.

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