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23 March 2011

A Donkey Post from My Dad

After my last post about Marky Mark and his donkey, I got an email from my dad, Gordy. Gordy from Gardner, Mass. Gordy was educated in the Massachusetts school system and was able to give me more information about the bronze donkey statue that sits next to the Benjamin Franklin statue:

"..........the mule statue in Boston is of a mule named Sal. There was a song about her pulling barges on the Erie Canal. Now everyone should know that the Erie Canal was in Massachusetts and went from Cambridge (where George Washington was born) to Worcester (the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln -- who married a Kennedy, I think, and that's how he got to be president)."

Consider this your introduction to the Massachusetts geography curriculum........

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Laura said...

That is probably the best Dad photo in the universe. I'm in awe.