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07 March 2011

I Want to Be Friends.....

.........with the people who live in this house. Cheeky monkeys!

I usually veer away from people who display holiday flags, or wear holiday sweatshirts (teachers and grandmas excluded - it's part of the uniform), or those who decorate for minor holidays like Groundhog Day or President's Day or even Valentine's Day.........unless it's one tiny, well-spoken heart displayed in your window. It seems like we may not be on the same aesthetic page. I say less is more. Or maybe I say "Say more with less!" And my assumptions about people who "flag" for any and all holidays is that we may not have a lot to say to each other beyond how excited we are for the upcoming holiday.

But these people took me by surprise. Historically, they have changed their holiday flag right on schedule with every page-turn of the holiday calendar. And right on the heels of the Valentine's Day flag and another unexpected snowfall ........surprise!........SUMMER flag!!

Replace the "z" with a "k" ...........and what WAS Cheezy now becomes Cheeky!

My assumptions about them may be wrong; we may not have the same aesthetic but we definitely have the same sense of humor. And for all I know, they're inside discussing the global economy right now.

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