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01 March 2011

K is for Kristin

Not ME Kristin. My friend Kristin. When you grow up in Minnesota, you know lots of people named Kristin. You collect Kristins like Charlie's Angels cards. Or quarters (a habit I can't break despite the fact that I've had my own washer and dryer since 1998. When I get change, I'm like "Sweet! A quarter!" ). Moving to Minnie at age 7, I entered a 2nd grade with 3 Kristins, 1 Kirsten and 1 Kerstin. And that does not include my 1st grade neighbor Kristi who was really a Kristin.

And this is one of the best Kristins I've ever had.

At one point in our history, we shared both a first AND last name. Which at first felt a little freaky and single-white-female-ish.............but then it became truly bonding. Maybe because I could use her Dayton's credit card and get her employee discount at the annual Daisy Sale.

This Kristin, a favorite Kristin, recently turned an incredible shade of 40. And in her honor, I composed the following poem and performed it in the style of a dramatic reading - a very dramatic reading - at a gathering of like-minded Kristin fans.

It is called..................

A Poem About Kristin

K is for caring. No it's not. That's a c. But Kristin IS caring. So I'm leaving it.

R is for "R you kidding me? Those R the cutest kids I have ever seen."

I is for Introvert...she... isn't.

S is for Superwoman. Full-on stay at home parent. Full-on working parent. And she bakes.
Beware the Superwoman. For she might make me look bad.

T is for Tony. Her knight in meticulously polished armor. He can bring home the bacon - and clean up the kitchen - after she fries it up in the pan.

P is for "Please change your email address. So people will stop thinking your emails are from me." Just kidding. There's no P.

E is for.........just kidding. There's no E. This is a joke for people named Kristin.

I is for "I am cracking up, girl.........every time we are together."

Hey......is this poem about me? No wait. My husband's name is Mike. And I don't bake.

N is for NO WAY would I ever want to be without you. And NEVER is when I will get sick of you. And NEAT is a word my dad uses to describe things that are cool. And that is what you are.

And H is for.........(it's a silent H)........H is for Happy 40th birthday, Kristin.

Love, your friend Kristin.

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