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14 March 2011

The Photo Acclimation Project............part deux

Last week, I introduced my new attempt to nurture appreciation for my new New England home called "The Photo Acclimation Project."

Here are some photos from last week's drives to school, the grocery store, pick-ups and drop-offs, etc. Lots of churches and houses with peeling paint and crumbling rock walls. But, ironically, that is what makes them charming. Am I right? Week one proved a success; my eye was constantly tuned to the environment around me instead of racing to the next item on my to-do list. And this is what I saw:

I have to point out the blue sliver of sea to the left of the church.
Note to self: Would you be more likely to go to church if you could look out the window and see the ocean? Definitely maybe.......especially if Justin Bieber was in the choir and he handed out Little Debbies after the service.

I thought this house was abandoned. But then I found it wasn't. And then I ran away.

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