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22 April 2011

There's a place for me at......

When you live in a new place that doesn't feel like you, you're constantly on the hunt for things that MAKE you feel like you. A quest for the things that are funny, pretty, interesting, inspiring or yummy to YOU in particular............before the essence of YOU withers away and you succumb to your surroundings and then wonder why your life has taken on a low-level malaise. Harrumph.

Then, TA DA!, along comes Momfilter and the world starts to look a little bit more like me - a little online oasis that gives me comfort in the way it reflects me back at myself. Nice to see you again, sister.

Momfilter comes from the creators of Cookie Magazine, a parenting magazine that rocked the world of mainstream parenting magazines by talking to the person instead of the "mommy." I am not a "mommy" and I never have been. My name is Kristin and I own my own business and I like to write and I can play 3 songs on the guitar - and I have a son named Liam who is the center of my universe (my husband is cute, too, but his cheeks aren't as squishy). Cookie, and now Momfilter, are some of the only forms of parenting media that address me as Kristin first and foremost. As if to say that Kristin is central to my role as a parent.

Cookie went the way of many high quality magazines in this era of the war on magazines. It ceased publication at the same time that we lost Wondertime and Gourmet Magazine (Gourmet for chrissake!) and it's demise cut to the core of women like me who, as I've said before, are interested in more than Disney vacations and rice krispy treats.

But now Momfilter can fill that void.........

....... by encouraging us to travel for real with our kids and not spend every vacation at a theme park, by showing us some kick-ass boots to wear with our not-so-mom jeans, and who cares if you haven't washed your hair in 6 days? I'm sure Momfilter will find a kicky hat to cover up that greasy mess. If you love pretty pictures of creative spaces, and recipes that use hoisin but still pass the kid test (and if it doesn't, give them cereal and enjoy your dinner), if you wonder about how much the tooth fairy should bring or how to make cool things out of cardboard boxes or if you just want to read about other moms and dads who are trying to be themselves and make it all work..........then Momfilter is the place for you.

But this is not a place where you get bored because the writer's child is 2 and yours is 2 1/2 ("we're just not doing the toddler thing anymore"); this is about the experience of parenting for the sake of the parent - all parents. Not just parents of babies or preschoolers or pre-tweens. It's a place where Anna Quindlen can talk about parenting her grown children and we all feel like she's speaking directly to us (it's this week's feature! Check it out!).

Thank you Momfilter for fighting your way through this war on magazines and finding your audience again. In this new home that doesn't always look like me, I simply click here and bask in the "me-ness" of it all.

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