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20 May 2011

You Can't Wear Christmas Trees After Memorial Day

At the beginning of 2011, I wrote about how people in New Hampshire live free or die at Christmas Time. How they would rather DIE than PAY for PUBLIC services to pick up their Christmas trees on trash day. Because that surely means you are not free. To be truly free, you have to put your used up tree back on the roof of your car and drive it around in search of a proper place to pitch it. Read about it here.

Well.......this week, the week of May 20th, I swear to you, we passed a car with a dry, brittle, rust-colored, practically disintegrating Christmas tree tied to its roof. Now that's freedom!!

It was super un-Christmasy. It was the un-epitome of Currier and Ives; it would have made Norman Rockwell cry. And I pictured them inside the car singing dirges.

I think to myself, was the tree in their house like that? All crispy and brown? With ornaments on it? And then I picture the dad dressing up like "Mother" and stabbing ladies in the shower.

Let freedom ring.

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Laura said...

Or, the people in that car are also from Minnesota and they've been driving around since Jan. 2nd with that tree on their car, looking for an effing place to dump it. And as it dried up and began to disintegrate and swaths of brown needles flew onto the windshields of tailgaters, they resigned themselves (with steely Lutheran stoicism) to the humilation of it all, as well as to the small animals that sometimes nested in it.

(Miss you guys!!)