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17 May 2011

The Photo Acclimation Project.........Salt Marsh Grass

Real estate listings in this area often boast about a property's "beautiful salt marsh views!" When I first arrived, I didn't see how this was a plus. It was like saying "you can't see the beach from here!" Who wants to look at a salt marsh? With its scrubby grasses? It looked to me like a New England version of tumbleweeds.

But then October came. And the salt marsh grasses surprised me by turning brilliant shades of orange and crimson.........turning the scrub into something worthy of a landscape painting.

Now I see salt marsh grass as the artist's ultimate tool, adding color and texture to the coastal glassiness. It frames almost every picture I take.

*A note for overachievers: It's actually called "salt marsh hay" and it is one of the reasons that colonists landed on this spot when they arrived from England in 1623. Salt marsh hay was used as feed for animals and for making fluffy, stuffed beds.

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