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03 June 2011

A Visit to the Nurse

Mrs. Teacher called yesterday.

She wanted to fill me in on an incident that happened in the classroom. After Writer's Workshop, Liam came to her, looking peaky and out-of-sorts, and said, "I'm sick. I need to go to the nurse."

Concerned, Mrs. Teacher said, "What's wrong? What kind of sick?"

And Liam answered, "I'm homesick."

We left Minneapolis on June 23rd of last year, just under a year ago, and still this little boy's feelings about his home are so strong that he feels physically ill. This in the midst of re-establishing himself with flying colors.......with plenty of friends and a dreamy teacher and a "sweet new air rifle" that Daddy never would have gotten if we still lived in the city.

Mrs. Teacher validated his feelings, like good teachers do, and assured him that it was perfectly natural to feel sad when you have left something you love. She questioned him further to see if she could identify a trigger for this sudden bout of homesickness. And what she found is pictured above..............

In Writer's Workshop, the children were reviewing some their work from the beginning of the year. Liam's story was called "My Road Trip" - which began the day we drove away from 4041. The first page reads:

"I,m going to mis the plas."

And "Ther was a for sal sine in the frot yard."

It almost looks like he started to color in the outline of our old house but couldn't bear to finish it. And that's when he felt the need to go to the nurse.

As we approach the first anniversary of our move, it may be a good idea to look back and see how far we've come. Or, more importantly, how we did it. It's not a linear progression from bad to better to adjusted; it's far more schizophrenic than that. And, if you're reading this, you've had a front row seat on the rollercoaster of our psyches. One day is a dream come true and the next you're going to the nurse with a case of homesickness. It's testament to our ability to carry on even in the midst of a tantrum. That life can and will find a groove even if it's not your favorite song. Like Top 40 radio - you have to sit thru a lot of songs before you hear one you really like. But we still keep listening, don't we?

And when that song does come on, you turn it up loud and you drive too fast and, for just a few minutes, you forget about all the other songs before it.

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