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15 July 2011

A Conversation in Sweden, part 1

Here are some people I met as I climbed the stairway out of the Tunnelbana, or subway. We'll call them Bjorn Borg and and Elin Nordegren. They were happily handing out samples of pills. They even provided a little dixie cup of water for you to swallow your pill. "Eet weel make you feel good!" they say. I believe them because they are the picture of mental and physical health.

Like a responsible drunk teenager, I ask them what they are giving me. And they say "Eet ees omega trees!" They are too happy to be handing out roofies.

They say "Where are you from!?" So much energy. I need omega trees.

Reflexively, I say Minnesota. Even though I haven't lived there for a year. My heart must have answered the question.

"Minnesota! We know Minnesota! All da Swedes go to Minnesota!"

"Yes!" I say. I think the omega trees are kicking in.

"I like your governor," say Bjorn Borg. "Yessie Wentura. I know Yessie Wentura. I hear him speak and he is good governor."

Then I feel guilty for inadvertently lying to Bjorn and Elin. So I correct myself. "Actually, I moved to New Hampshire a year ago."

"New Hampshire! We know New Hampshire! Eet ees in the Eastnorth?"

"Yes," I say. "It's in the Eastnorth."

We chat a few minutes more and they make me so happy to be a tourist in Stockholm. If they weren't busy handing out pills, they probably would have taken me on a tour of their neighborhood.

When I leave, Bjorn Borg yells to me, "Say hi to Yessie!"

Coincidentally, today is Yessie Wentura's birthday. Happy Birthday, Yessie!
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