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25 July 2011

Who Wants to See the Trip Tik?

"Hold it HIGHER!!"

I swear to god.
Then she grabbed her son's arm and yanked it to a more appropriate height.
Which is why I stopped to snap this picture like a stalker of strangers in souvenir shops.

I don't know about her, but I might use this as my Christmas card photo.

I thought readers would be bored with Sweden by now - or worried that I had moved there permanently - but instead I'm getting requests for "more Sweden, please!" Be very careful what you ask for..........I sat with relatives yesterday and strong-armed them into looking at all the pictures I had stored on my iphone, the modern-day slide show, teaching them how swipe their finger to the left to scroll through the pictures. Me, hovering over their shoulder like "What are you looking at now? Oh that was so yummy! Do you want me to tell you about that? It was this little restaurant blah blah blah blah blah blah blah......." When they tried to put down the phone I was all "I don't think that was all of them. You couldn't have gone through all of them that fast. Didn't you want to see Copenhagen? Here, give it to me, I'll scroll through and find Copenhagen for you. There. You sit there and if you have any questions I'll be right here hovering over your left shoulder."

So I'll bore you with the full slide show (with narration) this week. BUT THEN I AM DONE. We will just have to stop living in the past and come to grips with the fact that we are home and needing to do things like pull weeds and go to the post office and return things to Target.

I don't think they have weeds in Sweden.

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