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08 August 2011

Full Serve / Same Price

In the heat of summer and the frigidity of winter, a girl needs some special friends. Today is the epitome of "it's not the heat, it's the humidity." It's only 77 degrees but the heat index is around 910. I walk outside and immediately pit out my shirt. My hair looks like the fuzzy side of velcro; like I took a lighter to the ends just for fun. I pull it all up into a bird's nest on top of my head because that is all that can be done.

Conversely, in the winter, it snowed. A lot. It was gray and the wind was cold and the last thing I wanted to do was get out of my car and pump gas. But in real life, we all have to get out of our cars and pump gas in shitty weather.

Just like my Photo Acclimation Project here in New England, I have a list of things that I miss about Minneapolis. I took photos of everything, big and small, and ended up with an expose of our life there. If you dig deep and acknowledge the little things that make you happy, you will be able to see what your life is made of. And so......

One of those things is the Sinclair gas station at the corner of 70th and France in Edina. Look for the sign that says "Full Serve / Same Price." I repeat, FULL SERVE / SAME PRICE! I think most people drive by it, or worse, go to the gas station across the street which is not Full Serve / Same Price but Pump Your Own Damn Gas, Lazy Ass / Same Price.

I could always find an errand to run in Edina when my tank was running low so I could gift myself this tiny luxury.

And do you see that smiling face in the picture above? Those people were so FREAKIN' happy to help me that I always left in a great mood. Like "See, the world IS a good and happy place! Hee hee!" So don't let anyone tell you that you can't change the world if you end up pumping gas for a living.

On rainy days, or below zero days, or hotter than hades days, I actually looked forward to getting gas so I could relish the experience of not pumping gas. Ever grateful to the happy gas gnomes. At Christmas, I'd bring them cookies or give them a fiver to say thank you for a year of not pumping gas. You'd be amazed at what a nice gift that can be to yourself.

Fast forward to New Hampshire, where not only do I pump my own gas on hotter than hades days and cold wind-whipping days, but..............you know that clicky thing that you stick in the notch on the handle of the pump? The thing that holds the handle in the "on" position so you can let go, loosen your vice grip on the pump and relax? Maybe even get back in your car on the nastiest of days? Yeah, we don't have those. It's as if they removed the notches on purpose so we can't be lazy. You can actually see the screwholes where the notch panel used to be! Seriously!

Even the gas pumps are testing my worth; does she possess the hand strength to hold the pump unassisted while filling the tank of an oversized off-road vehicle? The tenacity to stand outside in cold, wind, rain or fire-y heat holding the pump firmly until the task is complete? Will she jump through these manufactured hoops to win our acceptance? Does she have the work ethic of a New Englander? Or will she give up?

Funny how things can make you miss home.

So, if you're tank is running low, and you live in the greater Twin Cities area, take a detour and say hello to my smiley friends at the Sinclair station at 70th and France. And bask in the loveliness that is Full Serve / Same Price. Consider it a gift to yourself.

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