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04 August 2011

The Photo Acclimation Project......Beach Signs

Signs are an important indicator of where you are. I've always loved this sign; it's so not-the-Hamptons. So on the verge of trash-to-treasure. Driving by in the winter, it's a reminder of what is to come and what has clearly been for a very long time. The sign is surely from the 70's........... when hippies in string bikinis came in for their Tab. Maybe some Rondo. Today you can buy Pringles and soda and buckets and shovels and boogie boards and expired sunscreen and wet suits.

Thanks to the Photo Acclimation Project, I finally pulled over for the sole purpose of snapping this picture. This was an icon of my surroundings. And I needed a record of it.

And the next day, the VERY NEXT DAY, the sign is gone. Replaced by a new sign that is more updated, more corporate, more attractive and yet .........more nondescript. I haven't been inside so I don't know if it's just a sign change or a complete revamping. But I do know that I'm jonesing for a Rondo.

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