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03 August 2011

Summer in New England

The beach is the crown jewel of this massive re-location experiment. It is the thing that beckons when things aren't exactly as we'd like them to be. It is the thing that gives this place a flavor and a personality. In a good way. A happy way.

And summer is when this place comes alive with salt and sand and an aesthetic that's....well......salty and sandy. But also bright and sunny and blue sky and sparkles on the water. I'm so tan right now that I'm actually trying to scrub it off with a loofa for fear of looking like a 70 year old, beach combing smoker. When have you ever tried to get rid of your tan? I swear, I've been to Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean and never turned darker than medium beige; but in New Hampshire, I turn caramel colored in just 2 afternoons at the beach. Why is the sun so strong here? I'm starting to think that it's nothing more than a fabulously successful PR campaign that sends us all to Florida for the sunshine.

So here is where the blog posts start to take on a sunnier outlook (pun intended).

But you have stay on top of it - get out the door and enjoy it every day, make it part of your daily existence - or life gets in the way. A one way ticket to I-Could-Be-Anywhere, USA. I've said it before and I'll say it again, how you spend your days is how you spend your life.

So you'll excuse me if I make it a short one today; I have to stop at the beach on my way to........just about everywhere.

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