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23 September 2011

A Free Stamp Quandary

Mike was running one day and found a full book of stamps lying on the ground. Thinking he would make me happy, he picked them up and brought them home to me.......since I'm the only one who has the skills to mail things.

Yay! Free stamps! But every time I went to put a stamp on an envelope, I hesitated. I couldn't do it. What will people think of me when they see Ronald Reagan on my mail? They don't know that Mike picked these up off the ground and I'm only using them because they're free. They would assume that I perused the little menu board of stamp choices and said the words "Can I get the Ronald Reagan ones? Thanks."

I can't have that. Trickle down economics did not work, no matter what they tell you in the GOP debates.

So I started putting the stamps on upside down. It's a subtle message but clear enough. Not overtly disrespectful but still tinged with displeasure. It felt like something Martin Luther King would do. We could do a March on the Post Office and all stand in line, waiting our turn to drop upside-down-stamp-mail in the mailbox.

But then my dad suggested that I draw a mustache on Ronald Reagan.

And this just felt so right. Now it's clear that these were free stamps. And I actually look forward to mailing things. Hee hee!

The election season will be tough for me in this neck of the woods. It's no Linden Hills, which boasted the highest number of votes cast for John Kerry than any other precinct in the nation. Here, there are children telling Liam that Fox News is "the news." Whenever I say something factual, Liam will say "Did you hear that on Fox?" And I'll say "No. We don't watch Fox. Tell your friends that Fox News is not the news."

I've had children in my house tell me that they were going to "kick Obama's butt out of office."

Liam was told that Obama took health care away from all the people who work at McDonald's. That's really low. Messing with a kid's McDonald's. Crafty right-wingers laying the foundation for tomorrow's assholes.

Here's one actual conversation:

Concerned Parent: "So, how is Liam doing in school? Is he finding some buddies?"

Me: "Yeah, it's going really well. He's been hanging out with X and X and X."

Concerned Parent: "Oh, X is such a great kid. Really nice and super smart. One day, I was watching the news and he came in and said "Oh, is Glenn on? Can I watch with you?" "

Ok, NOT THE NEWS! And b) why does a 7 year old know who "Glenn" is? And 3) what kind of zealotry do you have going on in your house when your 7 year old enjoys that kind of entertainment? I mean, "news."

In my Minneapolis neighborhood, we had heard about Tea Partiers (on the actual news) but I had never actually seen one. Kind of like hearing about Somali pirates........you know they're out there but they're probably not going to pull into my driveway.

But now I'm scared. Scared in the same way that Ma and Pa Ingalls were scared of the Indians.

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