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21 September 2011

Surf Camp

I love watching surf camp. Every Saturday at 9:30am, I try to get myself to the beach for a front row seat at one of the happiest shows in town. Watching surfers is fun - but watching surf camp is something else altogether. Surfers are smooth and powerful, all confidence and agility. Surf campers are jerky and nervous. But oh so excited! You see people trying with a capital T and looking goofy and falling over. Falling and falling and falling. And getting up and getting up and getting up. You hear proud instructors shouting "YOU GOT IT!" and "GO! GO! KEEP GOING!" and so many woo hoo's that you almost stop hearing it.

And each time someone magically remains upright for more than a nanosecond, the beach erupts in jubilation. And the surfer grins like she can't believe what she just did. I saw one girl stand up, wobble, strike an awkward pose and hold it until she coasted all the way in.........where she fell over backwards and clocked her melon on her board as she splashed into the water.

Two seconds later, she pops up like Chevy Chase in Dodge City ("I'm ok!") and screams "DID YOU SEE THAT???!!!!"

And mom, on the shore, wearing not a swimsuit but a sundress, runs into the water up to her waist and throws her arms around her daughter who is now a surfer.

Does that make you smile, or what?


Laura said...

Going to give it a try or what?

Kristin said...

Stay tuned.......