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21 October 2011

Considering the Lobster Buoy

Continuing to check things off on our New England checklist, we did a ride-along on Uncle Oscar's lobster boat and helped him haul his daily traps (he's not my uncle. That's just his name).

This definitely wins first place in the New England Checklist Contest. It was just Uncle Oscar, his little buddy (didn't catch his name. Maybe Popeye), and our group of four wannabee lobstermen (no language parity in the lobster trade, yet). We motored 5 miles out into the Atlantic, hauled in the day's catch, motored back, docked the boat...............

................and walked our lobsters over to the tiny harborside lobster shack.

The lobster shack lady was waiting for us; she needed to make lunch for the fishermen and whale watchers at the harbor that day.

In about 20 minutes, these would be lobster rolls.

And, that, boys and girls, is where our food comes from.

Lobster is iconic in New England. And the lobster buoy is equally iconic in our little seacoast enclave. Every lobsterman is assigned a color and stripe combination to use on his buoys; this is how they know which traps to pull up. And those colors can be passed down through generations of lobster fishermen. Uncle Oscar's buoys are forest green with a yellow stripe.

But you don't just see buoys bobbing on the water, a symbol of yummy dinner trapped below - they are also used as decoration.

You'll find them strung in bright garlands along the outside of houses, garages, barns, clam shacks and lobster pounds.

They hang from trees like Christmas ornaments. And sometimes a retired skiff will be re-purposed as yard art, filled to the gunnels with a colorful mass of ancient buoys.
And it is said to be good luck if you find one on the beach.

Which Liam did.

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Joel B said...

Awesome. (This is Joel, by the way, likely logged in as Laura, who is much closer to you than to me geographically, this weekend.)