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07 October 2011

The Photo Acclimation Project: Pumpkins Over Doors

New England is well known for embracing Autumn. Not so much Halloween, (as I found out last year), but fall - definitely. And it's generally a very organic appreciation; not an event for which you buy cheap crap from big box discount stores to display in and around your house.

Here's a local tradition that is stunning in it's simplicity: locals place small pumpkins on the ledges above their front doors.

Last year, in my glee over finding something New England-y that I liked, I ran out and bought tiny pumpkins for my own door - only to come home and find out that my ledge was more of a "lip." Damn you, tiny ledge!! So instead, I lined up the little pumpkins on my step where Mike tripped on them, complained about them and kicked them. Perhaps it was a safety hazard - like putting small balls on the floor as you enter the house. But I wanted my own pumpkin ledge! Harrumph.

(Mike also spends way too much mental energy worrying about pumpkins rotting. In my 18 years as a child, I don't ever remember any pumpkins rotting. He must have had some traumatic pumpkin-rotting event in his childhood that has given him post-traumatic-pumpkin-stress-disorder and now we, the Nilnoo's, are not allowed to carve or display any pumpkins until the actual day of Halloween. Because of the rotting.)

In addition to the pumpkins on door ledges, you'll also find the rock walls that flank our country roads adorned with rows of tiny pumpkins.

It's so sweet and, from a design perspective, it is PERFECTION! The orange pops against the gray backdrop, the smooth skin and round silhouette of the pumpkins juxtaposed against the rough, jagged rock. It's a study in contrasts that showcases the natural world at her finest. Yay nature!

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