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21 December 2011

I almost forgot the best one!

One day several years ago,  we’re  sitting by Lake Harriet and the sun is shining on the water in that way that makes little sparkles;  like diamonds shimmering on the surface of the water.  It’s one of my all-time favorite things...........crisp new magazines, balsamic vinegar and sparkly water.   And I say to Liam, who is 5,  “Look at the sparkly water.  Isn’t that the best?”

And he says,  “The sunshine on the water makes me happy.”

Man, I love this kid.

“The sunshine in my eyes can make me cry.”

Is he looking directly into the sun?  That’s not good.

“Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.”

Seriously,  the sweetest kid on the planet.

“Sunshine almost always makes me high.”


Omigod, he’s quoting John Denver.  Damn.

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