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09 December 2011

A Salve for My Coffee Shop Woes

I never thought that I, the only one who doesn't drink coffee,  really - the only one,  so much so that people offer me a cup and I say "No, thanks.  I don't drink coffee"  and they never just say ok they have to stop and contemplate that,  like "How could that be?  How did that happen?"  -  ok, start over.  I never thought that I, the one who doesn't drink coffee,  would put "find coffee shop" at the top of my how-to-live-here-happily list.   But, as you can see from the previous post,  coffee plays a much bigger role in my life than I thought.

So after the "Dear New Coffee Shop Owner" debacle,  I was determined to find a salve for this wound.

And I found it.

 It's not convenient and there's a sign that says  "no computers" but I can poach wifi with my iPad.  And it has this.........

........the best view of any coffee shop on the planet (perhaps I should make them a sign?).   And actually,  I spent 2 hours here before I even took my evil electronic device out of its hiding place.   I spent 2 hours drinking my iced chai latte with soy and watching the waves crash against the rocks.
I think it's my new office.   The commute is killer, and I may not get much done,  but it'll be worth it.

The breakroom.

The conference room.

My coworkers.   I swear, they can make a coffee break last all day.


Anne Greenwood Brown said...

Beautiful! Doesn't look like too much to suffer, although don't you get snow????

Kristin said...

Not only do we not have snow, it's been in the freakin' sixties! This is new hampshire, right? Not florida? It's very hard to get your Christmas on like this.