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20 January 2012

The King's Road

Fascinating scoop from small-town New Hampshire!   There's been a dust-up at city hall between the town council and a developer who has acquired a piece of property behind my neighborhood.   There's concern that this developer may develop the land in a way that would block or interfere with the King's Road.

"What's the King's Road?"  I asked.

In the woods behind our house is a path, a road, that meanders through the trees and around the rock walls.

It's beautiful and I love it but I've never gotten a straight answer from locals about whether or not it's public property.   I see people walking their dogs on the path every day but others have warned me to stay away  -  it's trespassing.   And truthfully,   I don't go back there very much because I can hear gunshots  - every freakin' time I hear gunshots  -  and start running back to the house like Daniel Day-Louis, Last of the Mohicans-style.  Ok, in my dreams.   I probably look more like Mr. Bean.    Maybe because I don't want anyone mistaking me for a deer.  I live in fear of someone mistaking me for a deer and shooting me.

And then there are the deer (lymey!).   The deer who gave me Lyme Disease and the neighbors who said  "Don't go in the woods!"   So I'd love to say that I commune with nature on this path every day but I don't.   And it's a damn shame.

But ANYWAY  this path behind my house is the King's Road.

"What do you mean,  "The King's Road?" "  I asked.

Apparently,  our land was granted to the people of the  "New World"  by the King of England  (King who?  I don't know!   Anglophiles, help me out!) on the condition that the road that traversed the land remain free and clear of obstacles in perpetuity.   Forever and ever.   The reason being that the road was needed to transport the king on his travels to the new world - should he decide to pay his royal subjects a visit.   That didn't work out so well.   But the condition still stands!   This remains The King's Road and our town council of 2012 is in the process of booting someone for gettin' all up in the king's face and potentially obstructing his road.

A road intended for the King of England, our nascent country's nemesis, actually runs through my property!  Or adjacent to my property!  Or within sight of my property!   I'm not sure!  I don't actually know where my property ends!   My point is that if this were 250 years ago,  I could see the King of England from my kitchen.

That is a tasty tidbit of gossip from the real housewives of New Hampshire.......

Colonial style!

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Laura said...

When it's time to sell your house, I think the real estate write up should say: "eat-in kitchen with view of King of England."