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17 February 2012

A Stunning Announcement

We moved to New Hampshire for shoes.   My husband is a shoe man.   A shoe salesman,  a shoemaker,  an executive cobbler.   We moved here 18 months ago because New England is the shoemaking capital of the world.   Timberland,  New Balance,  Reebok,  Converse........with the exception of a few in Oregon and the west coast,   many of the shoes in your closet were designed , produced and marketed from an office in New England.

Before we moved,  Mike had been commuting from Minnesota to New Hampshire every week,  Monday through Friday,  until New Hampshire finally called his bluff.    Plus,  we missed Daddy.   I mean that man that visited on the weekends.   So we left our home and decided to give New England a try........

There's only one shoe company in Minnesota.

And one day recently,  they called.

RING!  RING!   "Hello,  Mike?   This is the only shoe company in Minnesota.   Would you like to come work for us?"


What the what?!   (look right.   look left)

I would love to but I have this blog........this blog where I go on and on about being a Midwesterner in New England.   And no one will read a blog about Midwesterners adjusting to life in the Midwest......

Just kidding.   I'm just going to grab my toothbrush and then I'll lock the door.

But, seriously,  if that doesn't mess with your head, I don't know what will.   Let's just say that this is the ultimate lesson in the fact that everything will be ok.  No matter what,  it will all be ok.   Just relax and know that everything is as it should be,  even if it pisses you off occasionally.  I've spent a year and a half adjusting and learning and painting and renovating and worrying and missing and exploring and discovering  and driving and driving and driving and driving and now I will spend the next 6 months preparing to leave. 

I will be simultaneously adjusting and leaving.  

But what to do about this blog.......hmmmm.


Laura said...

We are looking forward to the welcome back party! Hope you keep blogging. Just keep going and you'll figure it out.

akp said...

agreed, must keep blogging! and ever so glad that I will get to see your smile again!

Anne Greenwood Brown said...

WHAT???????? Is this a joke????? OMgosh!!!!

Kristin Nilsen said...

NO JOKE!!! This is REAL! See you all soon! Just gotta find my toothbrush! :)