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(ok we don't love it. or even like it. but we're supposed to.)

23 April 2012

The Photo Acclimation Project: Cape Neddick Lobster Pound

Here's an iconic photo that you'll come upon every time you google  the term  "lobster pound."   The difference with this picture is that I took it!   Seriously!   I didn't even recognize the scene until I looked at my pic in my iPhone photo stream   -   while standing right next to the real life image.   Like  "That's where I am?   Who knew?"

Having just a couple of months left of living on the east coast makes me hungry for lobster.   And we take any opportunity we can to seek out off-the-grid lobster pounds and clam shacks.   On this occasion, it was Easter.   He is risen!   Fried clams, please!  With extra tartar!

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