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02 April 2012

The Photo Acclimation Project: Something NEW England-y I Noticed on My Drive to School

Here's an image you wouldn't find in my former city life.   A visual example of how "where I am" differs from "where I was".   I laughed the other day when Mike gave me directions to the crappy chinese take-out place;   you know you live in the country when your husband references donkeys when he's giving you directions.   Like  "it's past the donkey but before the golf course."   So when I passed the donkey,  I waved. 

How have I not seen this postcard image before?   I drive by this spot multiple times a day   -   how is it that I've never looked up to see this New England travel brochure?   Maybe the New England snapshot only exists at a particular angle, in particular light at a particular moment each day.   As if there's a cast of characters and set dressers and animal actors waiting patiently in the barn for someone to yell  "Action!"  And then they all trot out to their marks and look iconic for a short while.  And then when a local drives by,  they dim the sun and yell  "GET DOWN!"

But as pretty as this scene is,  I would trade it in a minute for some Viet Namese food.  


Growing Up Goffstown said...

There is good vietnamese food in Manchester if you are ever in the area before your move back...Golden Bowl, hole in the wall, try not to judge it by its look or location...it's good pho.

Anne Greenwood Brown said...

Hmmm…I don't think it's from a brochure or a postcard. I think it's from a jigsaw puzzle. Y'know. The one with the piece missing.