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11 May 2012

The Photo Acclimation Project: The Dunes Motor Inn

The coast of New Hampshire is not dreamy.   The natural features are beautiful but the world built around them is not the stuff of classic seacoast jigsaw puzzles.   It's a little jagged,  a little shack-y,  a little Dunes Motor Inn-y.

But once you get to know it,  it becomes the face of your own child;  maybe not classicly beautiful but a face you love just the same.   And if someone asked you if it was pretty,  you would say  "Lovely.   Just lovely."

Because you know what lies on the other side of the ugly sea wall and that picture resides in your head as you drive beside it.   You know that the tacky looking lobster pound has the best fish chowder and the nicest waitresses in town.   And the sign for the Dunes Motor Inn,  which once looked like beach blight to your tourist eyes,  now looks iconic and nostalgic and representative of the working man's vacation.  An homage to travel from days gone by.

I know this little piece of coast like the back of my hand..........and, unlike the tourist I was before,  I can ignore the imperfect parts because I'm so familiar with the perfect parts.   The secret beach access points,  the best place to watch surfers, the best tidepooling spot, where to get coffee for a beach sit, the serene spots, the  majestic spots, the parking spots, the walking spots.   A knowledge that takes me beyond the jigsaw puzzle and into the deeper, and truer, beauty of this place.

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Anne Greenwood Brown said...

Whoa. I can the east coast saying now, "You love me. You really love me."