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15 June 2012

The Highlight Reel: Considering the Lobster Bouy

**MOVING DAY IS DRAWING NEAR!   I'll be re-posting some of the highlights of our New England experience until the world stops spinning and I get rid of this stress-induced rash!   See you in Minnesota!! 

Continuing to check things off on our New England checklist, we did a ride-along on Uncle Oscar's lobster boat and helped him haul his daily traps (he's not my uncle. That's just his name).

This definitely wins first place in the New England Checklist Contest. It was just Uncle Oscar, his little buddy (didn't catch his name. Maybe Popeye), and our group of four wannabee lobstermen (no language parity in the lobster trade, yet). We motored 5 miles out into the Atlantic, hauled in the day's catch, motored back, docked the boat...............

................and walked our lobsters over to the tiny harborside lobster shack.

Where they became lobster rolls.

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