......finding a new home for lutefisk lovers.

(ok we don't love it. or even like it. but we're supposed to.)

11 July 2012


I was sitting in a movie theater last weekend when I realized that the blogpost that would end this story had already been written and posted.

I had unwittingly written the last page of Clam Chowder For Lunch and brought it to a close.......without really intending to.   If you read the last post,  you'll see it too.

It's not that I don't have anything more to say.   Like that would ever happen.  Laugh heartily, laugh heartily.   I have a stockpile of unposted pieces that could take me into next year, all about being a Midwesterner in New England.   I could analyze and conclude and summarize about the sociocultural differences between these two places until you feel like stabbing your computer screen with a ballpoint pen, screaming  "OH!  MY!  GAWD!   GET OVER YOURSELF YOU STOOPID THINKY WOMAN!"

With everything that I've learned in the last two years, I could keep writing about this city mouse/country mouse thing indefinitely.   I even have an unposted piece titled  "I'm Not Done Talking About New England Yet."   Because I'm not.   Not really.

But the blog now feels that it's time to move on to a new story.  Seriously.  As I sat in that movie theater,  I felt as if the blog itself had put the story to bed.  I was just the person with the pen writing it all down.   And at the funniest part of the movie,  I started to cry.
Because I'm really going to miss it.

Those of you who followed Clam Chowder For Lunch actually became a part of the story;   you were my online neighbors checking in on me and picking up my mail and taking in my trashcans and throwing me a virtual wave as you passed by my online house.   You cheered me on and backed me up and commiserated with me and encouraged me and I have to tell you, dear readers, that it really really really really really really helped.   You checking in on me and my little story really mattered to the story.   And to me.

And I thank you for that.

So we've officially finished our last bowl of Clam Chowder For Lunch...........and maybe a new story will emerge elsewhere.   If it does,  I'll happily email subscribers and those who sign up for email alerts (you can do that somewhere on your "machine" as my mother calls it, but you'll have to ask someone besides me to help you.   Do you have an IT guy or a child who could help you?).

In the meantime,  I need to figure out where to put this lamp.   And I need to throw away about 45% of the shit I just unpacked.   Lift out of box,  unwrap,  throw in garbage.   Like this fish food.   We don't even have a GD fish.

With that I'll tuck you in and say goodnight and say thank you over and over again.
Thanks, you guys.   For reals.
Now let's flip this record over........


03 July 2012

The Arrival

 I step out of the car and stretch and instinctively take in a deep breath.   I fill my lungs with air.   And, I swear, the air goes in easier.   I am breathing easier.   With fuller, more cleansing breaths.

And it proves to me that certain people are meant to live in certain places.   We all have our preferences and our needs and our wishlists but it's clear that our ease in one place over another could take place at a cellular level.

It's exhausting to live in a place where your puzzle pieces don't fit.   It's exhausting to push and maneuver and manipulate, trying to push a square peg into a round hole.   And when the piece slides into place,  an exact fit,  I let out a breath and relax.

And I start to live.

Liam in the backseat, as we cross the border into Minnesota.